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We emphasize originality and quality with an unmatched value. Personally traveling around the world for over 14 years, developing relationships with each artist and designer, we bring you one of a kind, hand crafted products to compliment your home.

Each artisan meticulously crafts each piece utilizing medians such as recycled copper, terra cotta, wrought iron, acrylic, and hand blown glass from Mexico; to the beautiful reclaimed teak furniture from the Indonesian countryside.

As you browse our website, you’ll be viewing only a selection of our unique finds. We are always adding new and exciting pieces to our ever evolving showroom.

Contact us with any questions. If you do not see the piece you are looking for or the size you need, please let us know. We specialize in creating pieces to your specifications.

Bixby Console Table


Bixby Console Table


Our hand-hammered copper is comprised of recycled copper. Artisans painstakingly melt together old plumbing, tubing, wiring and scrap copper to form red hot ingots. The ingots are hand-hammered, reheated and recombined. This process is continued until the appropriate size and shape is reached.

As the copper is forged together, about 3% of the impurities emerge, giving each piece its own distinctive coloration. Finishing the process, a clear paste wax is applied, which preserves the beauty and protects the copper from oxidation. The quality, durability and overall appearance of our copper is unsurpassed.

Dimensions:  48*16*32"  Custom sizes available.

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